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100  fleshy dating site

Photo: Renee Comet / Getty Images Chayote Native to Mexico, this fleshy, pear-shaped plant is also known as vegetable pear, chocho, mirliton and christophene, and belongs to the same family as melons, cucumber and squash.Originally from Central America (it's believed to be native to Guatemala specifically), the light green fruit is now cultivated throughout Mexico and in certain parts of America.The durian tree does not bear fruit until it is 15 years old, making its prized crop very expensive—up to per fruit, according to National Geographic.About the size of a volleyball, the fruit's shell is covered in short spikes, and needs to be broken open like a coconut to reach the fleshy middle, which can be eaten raw, but is also used in anything from Malaysian candy and ice cream to traditional soups.The taste has been compared to cucumber and zucchini, or a mix of banana, cucumber and lemon, and it is often used for decorating platters or as an ingredient in smoothies and sundaes.Photo: Shutterstock Ackee Native to West Africa, the ackee is now mostly produced and consumed in the Caribbean, particularly in Haiti and Jamaica, where it is the national fruit.

Photo: David Fischer / Getty Images Native to Mexico and Central America, this shiny plant is largely grown for ornamental purposes, but its fruit, which is shaped like an ear of corn and is the only nonpoisonous part of the plant, is popular in the tropics.Photo: Shutterstock African Cucumber Also known as the horned melon, jelly melon, kiwano or hedged gourd, the African cucumber is a vibrant fruit, featuring a mosaic of green and yellow colors on the inside and bright orange on the outside.It originates in the Kalahari Desert—which spans from central Botswana to west central South Africa and eastern Namibia—but can now be found in California and New Zealand.It's prepared by breaking off the tip and peeling back the skin to reveal three yellowish-white lobes and a dark brown seed.It has a crisp texture and sweet flavor, making it a popular choice for fruit salad.

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It takes just over a year for the fruit to ripen; when it does, the scales begin to separate, allowing the white flesh inside to peek through.